Environment: Everything natural - right?

In case of environment related topics the spectrum of tasks concern anthropogenic influenced areas predominantly. It ranges from microscopic analysis of organic particles from former industrial areas to the identification of the distribution of heavy metals in fill layers. Regarding the aspect of environment related issues the usage and combination of light and electron microscopy and X-ray fluorescence analysis results in a wide range of consulting services.

In place of the topic “environment” some examples are listed below:

Consulting, research and methods

  • Characterization of combustion residuals of fossil fuels, coke, bitumen, lignite, coal, charcoal
  • We quantify anthropogenic particles in soils and sediments by microscope and match them with certain emission sources. Above we provide information about particle size, particle fragmentation and the impact of weathering.
  • Element content of dust of filtration plants
  • Microscopic characterization of industrial compost and “Solid Recovered Fuel” (SRF)
  • Composition and risk assessment of enriched aerosols
  • Element content of soils respectively anthropogenic, postindustrial backfills especially with regard to heavy metal enrichment
  • Examination of solid samples for possible radioactive issuers like uranium or thorium
  • Element identification by X-ray fluorescence analysis using a XRF handheld device
  • Microscopic evaluation of peat samples

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