Microscopy: Cuticular analysis of lignites of the Lausitz district

The analysis of cuticles answers the purpose of facies classification in lignite and carboniferous clastic sediments. It uses in lignite enclosed leaf fragments, whose cuticles are presented in fragments (Cuticulae dispersae) in the preparation.

The classification of facies enables:

  • The determination of fine stratigraphy of the seams,
  • The proof of representation of the macropetrographic identification of lignites,
  • Statements about the stratigraphic correlation of seams, layers and corollary-seams.

This working method, further developed by Dr. W. Schneider, comes into operation in the Lausitz since many years and is partly adapted to other lignite districts. For it, project references exist both from the Niederrhein district and from the Middle German district.

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