Microscopy: Analytics of fibers in industrial-scale processes

In industrial-scale installations sometimes malfunctions of the normal operating procedure occur, due to unpredictable events like the blockage of filter in vents or pipelines. Quite often, fibers of all sorts, length and source are the cause of this events. In this context, LAOP provides the analytics of the foreign substance to help clarify problems of complex processes in industrial-scale installations.

Fiber examples:

  •          Wood fiber
  •          Plant fiber (cotton, seaweed…)
  •          Synthetic fibers (PP, PE, polyamides…)
  •          Animal fibers (hair, wool)
  •          Plumes
  •          Glass fiber
  •          Carbon fiber
  •          Metallic wires/fabric

Light microscopical procedures can show the differences between fibers, especially with regards to colored varieties. Further they can give detailed information in terms of plant or animal fibers.

Electron microscopic investigations show details of the fibrous components and, by using EDX, display chemical differences. This is especially interesting in terms of technical fibers, because direct relationships can be described without any doubt by knowing their origin.

Therefore, analytics of fibers are a productive method not only for criminal investigators, but rather contains a significant knowledge gain for the understanding of malfunctions in industrial-scale installations.

Spectrums of glass fibers

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