Geology: Sampling, chemical and petrographical evaluation of the coal seam sequence at two profiles in the surface mne Vereinigtes Schleenhain

In the course of calibration of the SOLAS-device at the power plant Lippendorf, our company got the assignment, by Vattenfall (power plant) and MIBRAG (mine), to take geological samples from the main-seam- and lower-seam-complex at the surface mine Vereinigtes Schleenhain. The profile of the main-seam-complex (coal seam 23u) mainly is embossed by not-laminated coals with a low ash-content. Furthermore there are a lot of layers of yellow-brown coals (light bands), which are from great help for subdividing the coal seam. Another chance to stratificate was given by the sulfur content, measured by mobile XRF. The sampling, which should have a reverence to the extraction disk, was fitted on that stratification.

The subdivision of the lower-seam-complex (Flöz 1) could happen by the light bands as well. In addition a clayey-silty interlayer showed up in the profile, which probably divides the upper Oberbank from the lower Unterbank. The coals of these units will not differ makropetrographically, but chemically. The upper Oberbank has generally higher ash and sulfur contents. Remarkably are erosive overlying sands with big cross-bedding bodies and huge erosional abilities.

The examination of cuticules of smaller coal-seam samples indicates the difference of the older mid-german coal and the younger coal-seams of the Lausitz, as well.

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