Geology: Mapping of sulfur content at the surface mine Nochten to designate lignite for refinement

Beside the parameter ash the content of sulfur is of significant importance for producing pulverized lignite, lignite briquette and fluidized bed lignite. These products run through processes where no smoke desulfurization is envisaged. Due to anti-pollution terms they only can be merchandised with very low sulfur content. Therefore high quality standards are demanded of the used raw lignite.

To maintain these quality demands we have been instructed with the mapping of sulfur contents in a tight grid. This mapping takes place with the help of a XRF handheld device in a concentration range of 0.1 to 2.5 mass% and is repeated at regular intervals. Due to this improvement of the qualitative seam model by increasing frequency of outcrop points a precise designation of refined lignite is possible. Furthermore laboratory costs are reduced by using the XRF method rather than a comparable chemical analysis.

This method of an extensive mapping is imaginable for all geological objects and all elements analyzable by the XRF handheld device.

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