Microscopy: QMAT – Quantitative Micropetrographic Analysis with evaluation of Textite

QMAT is a coal-petrologic investigation method for qualitative statements about refinement properties.

Studied are constituents (microlithotypes) of lignite: Microlithotypes (MLT) are structural areas in lignite with a minimum size of 50 µm. They consist of one or more macerales and are characterized by outward morphological features of particles and their inner structure, e.g. the shape of pore spaces. The microlithotypes of QMAT are derived from a scheme of SONTAG, TSCHOPPE & CHRISTOPH (1965)1)2)3).

1) SONTAG, E.; TZSCHOPPE, E.; CHRISTOPH, H.J., 1965. Beitrag zur mikropetrographischen Nomenklatur und Analyse der Weichbraunkohle. Z. angew. Geol. 11, 12, Seiten 647-658.

2) SCHNEIDER, W., 1980. Mikropaläobotanische Faziesanalyse in der Weichbraunkohle. Neue Bergbautechnik 10, 12, Seiten 670-675.

3). SCHNEIDER, W., 1995. Palaeohistological studies on Miocene brown coals of Central Europe. Int. J. Coal Geol. 28,2-4, Seiten 229-248. 

Briquetting properties of the MLT

XT Xylo-Textite (EXT+MXT+GXT)  
EXT Eu-Xylo-Textite xxx
MXT Medio-Xylo-Textite xxx
GXT Gelo-Xylo-Textite xx
MAT Marcoduria-Textite xxx
PET Peridermo-Textite x
PHT Phyllo-Textite x
TD Texto-Detrit xxx
ED Eu-Detrit xxx
GD Gelo-Detrit xx
TG Texto-Gelit x
DG Detro-Gelit x
EG Eu-Gelit x
  1. xxx - good briquetting properties
  2. xx - moderate briquetting properties
  3. x - poor briquetting properties

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